LADIES Badminton

Do you want to play ‘LADIES BADMINTON’ but have no one to play with?

Ladies BadmintonMany ladies love to play badminton but few rarely get the opportunity to play as they have no-one to play with. This ladies badminton was set up for that reason.  So now is your chance to turn up and play.  No need to feel intimidated or get frustrated.  No matter what level you are (or age), just come and play.  When you are on court you can relax, playing ladies badminton, get some exercise and in addition you do have fun.  More and more women are looking to play ladies badminton.
So, why not come along?. Guaranteed to be an enjoyable night.

Ladies Badminton Sessions

The DATE – EVERY Tuesday night

The TIME – 20.00 – 22.00 


                      – VENUE TBC

The COST –  £7.00 Pay and Play
The COST –  £20.00 for the Month – FREE session for all new Ladies

Register Interest – 
FYI – Racquets  are available and shuttle are supplied.