Adult Child – Badminton Session

NEW badminton session – Adult Child together.

Adult ChildCoaching junior players of all ages often inspires the adult child to take to court to practice. Parents often bring their child(ren) to sessions and end up on court to have a knock. The temptation is often too overwhelming to ignore. This session is about parents getting on court with their children. Adults why not see how good your child is. You never know he or she may beat you. Children why not encourage your parents to have a go on court, they may like it. Hopefully it will inspire more families to participate in a wonder family sport. The sessions are run on a pay and play basis. So if, you don’t come and play you don’t pay.

Now here is the opportunity to try an enjoyable family sport, why not go for it?

The DAY – SUNDAY Teatime – June 4th and over the Summer.

The TIME – 17.30 – 18.30

The VENUE – Turves Green Boys School
The VENUE – Turves Green, Northfield, Birmingham. B31 4BS.
The VENUE – (Click HERE for directions)

The COST – Single player – £2.00 per session
The COST – Pair of players (Adult and Child) £3.00 per session
The COST – Pay and Play sessions

Interested –  or call 07976 814036