24 March 2018 – NON County junior badminton tournament

Junior badminton non county tournament – 24 March 2018

Sunday 24 March 2018) saw forty odd junior badminton players take to court at Turves Green Boys School for a non county junior badminton tournament. Thirty one boys with ages ranging from Year 2, George Powell up to Year 11 Callum Devereux and eleven girls Year 11 Lauren to Year 6 Shirya.  The junior badminton tournament saw players travel from Bewdley, Worcester, Stratford, Sedgley, Solihull and more locally Great Barr, Edgbaston, Moseley, Northfield in Birmingham to compete in the event.

As the tournament organiser on Saturday 24 March 2018, it was a little scary when checking online payment to find you had received payments but, had not received entry forms. Then late on the night before the event text requesting young ‘Johny’s friend would like to enter…..! What do you do? You say YES of course…….! More pressure!

Singles being the main focus of the day. Saturday 24 March 2018 have several age groups for the boys, Years 11 and 10, Years 9, Year 8, Year 7, Years 6 and 5 and a special group for Year 4, 3 and 2. Most of the ages groups where spilt into two boxes of 3 players (round robin), with play offs for the positions, 1 and 2, 3 and 4 then 5 and 6.

Play offs for the boys Callum beat Anil 21-10 Year 10/11, Charlie beat Edward 21-8 year 9s and Thomas beat Nathan Year 7s. the Year 8s was a round robin and saw Devarajan win all of his games in the box, with only one opponent pushing him to 19. The younger age groups saw Peter, Year 5/6 win convincingly and Dylan in even younger age group (Years 4,3 and 2) cruise the top position.

Girls singles was a little more compact, with the ages from Year 11 through to Year 8 in two groups, with a final between Ava and Zoe proving very tight but, giving Ava the medal winning 21 -19. The Year groups 5/6 and 7 joined force to see a small round robin between 5 girls. Ella winning the younger year group (5/6) and Helena being the top score in the Year 7s.

At the end of the singles, saw some players leave with their medals for the top slots contented.

Those players who were/are addicted to the sport stayed for a short burst of doubles. It was quite difficult when players have to leave for parties, nights out etc…..but those who could and did stop enjoyed their albeit brief experience and taste of doubles badminton.

All in all, it was and will be for a while a memorable ‘badminton tournament’ experience for some if not all of the participating players.

Here’s to the next non county tournament………………………………!

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