School Badminton Tournament – March 24

Does your child play badminton at their school?

Does their school have a badminton club? Is your child competitive? Do they want to play a sport, but not sure what sport? Do they want to see how good they are?

The tournament is RESTRICTED so that NO county players can enter. Purely young school players, junior club members etc. Its all about getting them some competitive experience. On the day players will be put into groups based on gender and school years, so they are on a level footing.

The tournament is on Saturday 24 March 2018. It will start at 13.00, finish time will depend on the number of entries. Held at Turves Green Boys School, just out side Northfield in South Birmingham.

More details can be found HERE along with an entry form.

Any queries email Stephanie on


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24 February

Junior Badminton starting 24 February.

Does your child have racket co-ordination?
Are they a talented badminton player?
Have they ever played badminton?
Is your child sporty?

Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre is the home of Junior Badminton in Smethwick. Saturday 24 February see the start of the new terms junior badminton sessions at the leisure centre. Sessions are from 1.00-3.00pm on Saturday afternoons, open to all ages up to the age of 16.

Coaching is delivered, to assist the players in improving their shot execution, racket techniques and their movement around the court. Starting with a warm up, shot practices and routines then the sessions finish with games, where the players can hopefully put into practice what they have learnt.

More details regarding the sessions stating on 24 February can be found HERE.

Contact –  or call 07976 814036

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FREE badminton – for eight players or more.

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Winners – Sandwell College

Sandwell College Badminton Team

Sandwell CollegeWednesday 18 October saw Sandwell College badminton win their league match against Birmingham Met away at the Sutton Coldfield Campus. Sahal, Jimil, Oli, Rony for the boys and Veronica, Harpreet, Fadelia and Naheeda for the girls.

On arriving a familiar face appeared and knowing that this BMet player had trained at Warwickshire Junior county, Birmingham cell, I thought this would be a tough match. Sahal played well and fought for every point and with the best of three games to 21, got his ‘monies worth’. It went to three and Sandwell College came out on top. Sahal then took to court with Jimil (who had a ‘chicken leg’ knee) in the mens doubles and again, in three, Sandwell boys came out on top. Oli in the singles, with Rony in the mens doubles norrowly lost his/their games 18s and 19s. Could have quite easily gone our way.

The girls did Sandwell College proud and did not drop a game. Thanks go to Naheeda who for the first time on Tuesday came to the badminton session at college and kindly rocked up for the match the day after. ‘Take no prisoners’ Veronica, Harpreet and Fadelia all played well, leaving the BMet girls shell shocked.

Overall Sandwell College walked away with an 8-2 win.

Well done guys n girls. You did me proud.

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Junior badminton tournament

Competitive junior? Then get them to play badminton.

Junior badminton tournament

Stephanie Cartwright-Randle is working with FORZA and ForzaWM to run two junior badminton tournaments. The tournaments are aim at NON county badminton players, who play in schools or with the family in and around Birmingham.Junior badminton clothing

A lot of juniors play badminton but don’t get the opportunity to play competitive badminton without coming up against experienced county players. This is their opportunity to compete locally in a schools level badminton tournament. The tournaments are all about gaining the experience without the pressure and having some fun. The groups are broken down into the school years, 5/6, 7, 8/9 and 10/11.

TWO Junior tournaments
Harry Mitchell Sports Centre.
Saturday 21st May 2016 – 15.00 til 17.00 – 

Turves Green Boys School Sports Centre.
Sunday 5th June 2016 – 13.00 til 15.00

More details and entry forms can be found HERE.
Read about Kaylah’s experience at the finals from last year. HERE.

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Young badminton player’s tournament experience

Kaylah writes in her own words about her experience in a local FORZA badminton tournament.

The tournament she refers to is sponsored by FORZA and is one of many events held up and down the country. The finals of he tournament are run in Coventry. Which every year sees young England players attend to inspire and encourage junior players to compete in the popular sport. It all started when she joined the Junior badminton sessions at Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre in Smethwick. Kaylah joined the sessions back in January 2015 and has not looked back since. In her own words she writes:-

‘I started Badminton in my back garden when I was 8 years old then I found out about Stephanie’s Saturday Badminton club at Harry Mitchell and that’s when I started to like it more.  Skills I learnt were to serve, drop shots, high shots, low shots and smashes. After all that I got a letter from Stephanie saying that I can go to the trails to get in the tournament .
There was 3 other people in my age group plus me altogether there was 6 matches 3 singles and 3 doubles. First was the singles I played I lost 21-11, the next round I won 21-13. The last game I  the score was 21-5 and I won. After was the doubles I played the first two and lost. Then I played last game and won. This was the trails to get into the tournament I was hoping I got in.
Playing Badminton for me is a really good experience because you get to learn new skills and learn new moves. When I got to the tournament on Saturday 13th June I felt happy that I made it this far and I was also excited that I got to play with some people from the England team and see how they play and also get some coaching and tips off them or sometimes you can just have a knock up with them and see their movement.
Sam n KaylahWhen I got to the tournament I was playing 7 games altogether 4 singles and 3 doubles my first singles round I lost 21-7 even though I was sad I didn’t give up my next round I lost again 21-7 I kept trying my third round I won 21-16 and my final round was a walk over (means I won). After was my doubles, my partner was Fanni the first round we lost 21-10. The second round we lost again 21-17 and the final round we won 21-18. I thought this experience was amazing in every single round I loved it a lot.
Later was the presentation it went year 5/6,7/8,9/10,10/11 I was hoping I got something but I didn’t I was disappointed but anyway I absolutely loved the experience . If you love Badminton start from an early age and you’ll keep getting better and better.’ Kaylah.

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Junior badminton starts in Northfield……!

Does your child want to play badminton in Northfield?

Stephanie Cartwright-Randle is working again with Sport Birmingham and has set up a junior badminton session on Sunday after noons in Northfield.

The Sports Hall at Turves Green Boys Schools hosts the session from 16.00 till 17.00 on Sunday afternoon. There is a temporary entrance to a small car park off Titterstone Road (in between two houses).

Sessions start this Sunday 7th June 2015. Junior players from 11 year old up are more than welcome to pop along. On Sunday June 7th and 14th sessions are FREE to all that attend. After that there is a charge of £3.00. Shuttles and some racquets are available.

More information click HERE. See Leaflet HERE.

OR Contact Stephanie on 07976 814036 or

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Junior Badminton Trials for Warwickshire County

WARWICKSHIRE WANT YOU – Junior Badminton players….!

Warwickshire TrailsDo you live OR go to school in Birmingham, Play Badminton and are under the age of seventeen? Then you may qualify to trial for Warwickshire Schools Badminton Association (WSBA) County Junior Squad here in Birmingham.

Warwickshire Schools Badminton Association (WSBA) are holding their Initial trials on Sunday 10th May 2015 at the Heartland Academy in Nechells. These trials offer young players the opportunity to play against other like minded children who enjoy the sport. In addition they could then be offered the chance to compete against existing county player in the hope that they could train with them receiving weekly coaching.

Warwickshire (WSBA) run several badminton coaching sessions for the various age groups, Under 11 (U11), Under 13 (U13), Under 15 (U15) and Under 17 (U17), both here in Birmingham and Coventry. More details can be found on the website HERE.

Warwickshire trials give young players the opportunity to pursue a path of badminton. This may be their dream or their passion. The opportunity is there for them to receive coaching and train regularly as part of the squad in Birmingham. Warwichire is a large County and offer several training/coaching sessions for the various age groups both in Coventry and here in Birmingham.

Download, complete the ENTRY FORM and send it of as required. Any questions regarding the trials in Birmingham please contact Stephanie Cartwright-Randle on 07976 814036 OR email

Warwickshire Initial County Trial form.


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Kidderminster Junior Badminton

Why not give your child the opportunity to play badminton in Kidderminster!

There is a NEW junior badminton session starting in Kidderminster on Friday 18th April at Winterfold House School, Chaddesley Corbett. Full details can be found HERE.

Stephanie Cartwright-Randle teamed up with Dave Preston of Wolverly Badminton Club to set up a NEW junior badminton session. They are hoping to build the junior present of badminton in Kidderminster.

Children of all ages (8 and above) can experience badminton related games to help improve their co-ordination, assisting them to eventually play the game with some confidence.

If you are iterested the see the poster for contacts HERE.

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Girls Badminton Tournament

Girls do you play badminton?

There must be lots of girls who play badminton with their friend and families. Are you one Girls badmintonof them? Do you enjoy playing badminton at school, at home or at the local leisure centre? Then why not enter the girls only badminton tournament on Sunday 16 November.

It is a golden opportunity for girls to play a little competitive badminton without coming up against county players. Games will be scored and refereed so that players that are not certain of the rules will be encouraged to keep the score correctly.

See HERE for more details. – Deadline for email entries Sat 15 November.

Do you know a young girl who would like to have a go at playing in a badminton tournament?


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