Chocolates for coaching

Chocolates for Coaching.

Late last year I was approached by TP Norton badminton club to deliver two lots of four weeks coaching after having meet Linzi through ForzaWM. The sessions were booked for June/July of this year and the plan was to work on doubles, rotation and positioning.
The start dates was checked and off we jolly well went. The level of players varied with some having very defined shot definition, others needing a little assistance but, listen they did, keen to learn certainly, willing to try and keep trying they were, which is more that a coach can wish for in their pupils.

So eight weeks later and the last session delivered earlier this week. What a surprise when at the end of the session when I was presented with a fabulous bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates for coaching. Along with a thank you card signed by all the participant from the sessions.
One pupil wrote an email prior to the last session thank you Tyson. (See HERE for his comments).
Makes my job even more rewarding when you receive flowers and chocolates for coaching from a group of pupils who appreciate your help and advise.

Thank you TP Norton Badminton Club wishing you every success in the coming season.

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Ladies Badminton – All Changes

All change for the Ladies Badminton session.

Due to venue and timings Ladies Badminton has been subject to some changes. Sessions have changes to THURSDAY evenings at the same time 20.00 to 22.00 (8-10pm). The other change is the venue. We are now at Harborne Academy in Harborne, not far from the Botanical gardens off the Hagley Road.

All things happen for the best and they always say a change is as good as a rest. So t is for Ladies Badminton.  Apologies for those who have been coming for some time and cannot now make it on a Thursday. I thank you for your support over the years. If you do find yourselves free we would love to see you occasionally.

So calling any/all other females if you want to participate in some ladies badminton sessions, look no further than just out side Birmingham city centre, in Harborne.

Contact Stephanie HERE.

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Blackwell First School

Top marks awarded from Blackwell First School.

Stephanie was appointed a six week session by Bromsgrove and Redditch Council at Blackwell First School to go in and coach badminton. With a maximum of 16 pupils and some very good weather the sessions where conducted outside.

Some pupils attendance varied from one week to the next with a hard core group of attendees. The ability ranged from no co-ordiation in some of the real youngsters but their determination to succeed was clear. Right the way up to great potential in some of the older children, who from their first hit it was obvious that they had a talent for the sport. One thing you can not take away from all of them was their enthusiasm, always made to feel welcome, a real pleasure to coach.

The feel good factor was a non-related teachers’ comment ‘Your the badminton coach. Heard so much about you. The children are really enjoying it. You’re the best coach we have had.’ On a high for days and then you get a testimonial so you can prove it.

Thank you Blackwell First School for your kind words and for awarding ‘top marks’.

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Redditch Junior tournament Results

Success at the Redditch junior tournament.

Saturday 16th June at Abbey Stadium in Redditch was the junior badminton tournament, which was trying to find new badminton players before setting up a new junior session.

The ages of the competitors ranged from Year 10s right the way down to Year 4s, with various levels of ability. However everyone that completed had several singles games and as many doubles games, hopefully gaining plenty of experience.

Whilst the tournament was running on three courts the fourth court in the hall at Abbey Sport Stadium was put to good use by Dave Prior, who delivered a 15-20 minute coaching sessions to all of the competitor. So all of them walked away from the event, having had some personalised coaching and plenty of match experience.

Thanks go to Julia Quinn Nee Mann Ex-England player), Dave Prior both of whom are Worcestershire junior county coaches and deliver sessions at the West Midlands Performance centre, Margaret Hope a senior Worcestershire County committee member and Longmeadows badminton club member and not forgetting the staff at Abbey Stadium.

Here are some of the winners.

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Redditch badminton tournament – Saturday 16 June 2018

Young junior player…. do you want to enter the Redditch badminton tournament?

The Redditch badminton tournament this coming Saturday 16 March is looking busy. 

Julia Quinn (nee Mann) an ex-England player (currently coaching Worcestershire county juniors, Worcestershire Schools Badminton Association – WSBA), will be attending this tournament. This Redditch badminton tournament is a joint venture between WSBA and the West Midlands Performance Centre (WMPC). The two not for profit local badminton organisations are looking to set up a NEW junior club/session in Redditch after the initial junior badminton tournament.

If you child or children are interested in competing in the event then, please check out full details on the website HERE, complete the entry form ASAP.



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24 March 2018 – NON County junior badminton tournament

Junior badminton non county tournament – 24 March 2018

Sunday 24 March 2018) saw forty odd junior badminton players take to court at Turves Green Boys School for a non county junior badminton tournament. Thirty one boys with ages ranging from Year 2, George Powell up to Year 11 Callum Devereux and eleven girls Year 11 Lauren to Year 6 Shirya.  The junior badminton tournament saw players travel from Bewdley, Worcester, Stratford, Sedgley, Solihull and more locally Great Barr, Edgbaston, Moseley, Northfield in Birmingham to compete in the event.

As the tournament organiser on Saturday 24 March 2018, it was a little scary when checking online payment to find you had received payments but, had not received entry forms. Then late on the night before the event text requesting young ‘Johny’s friend would like to enter…..! What do you do? You say YES of course…….! More pressure!

Singles being the main focus of the day. Saturday 24 March 2018 have several age groups for the boys, Years 11 and 10, Years 9, Year 8, Year 7, Years 6 and 5 and a special group for Year 4, 3 and 2. Most of the ages groups where spilt into two boxes of 3 players (round robin), with play offs for the positions, 1 and 2, 3 and 4 then 5 and 6.

Play offs for the boys Callum beat Anil 21-10 Year 10/11, Charlie beat Edward 21-8 year 9s and Thomas beat Nathan Year 7s. the Year 8s was a round robin and saw Devarajan win all of his games in the box, with only one opponent pushing him to 19. The younger age groups saw Peter, Year 5/6 win convincingly and Dylan in even younger age group (Years 4,3 and 2) cruise the top position.

Girls singles was a little more compact, with the ages from Year 11 through to Year 8 in two groups, with a final between Ava and Zoe proving very tight but, giving Ava the medal winning 21 -19. The Year groups 5/6 and 7 joined force to see a small round robin between 5 girls. Ella winning the younger year group (5/6) and Helena being the top score in the Year 7s.

At the end of the singles, saw some players leave with their medals for the top slots contented.

Those players who were/are addicted to the sport stayed for a short burst of doubles. It was quite difficult when players have to leave for parties, nights out etc…..but those who could and did stop enjoyed their albeit brief experience and taste of doubles badminton.

All in all, it was and will be for a while a memorable ‘badminton tournament’ experience for some if not all of the participating players.

Here’s to the next non county tournament………………………………!

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School Badminton Tournament – March 24

Does your child play badminton at their school?

Does their school have a badminton club? Is your child competitive? Do they want to play a sport, but not sure what sport? Do they want to see how good they are?

The tournament is RESTRICTED so that NO county players can enter. Purely young school players, junior club members etc. Its all about getting them some competitive experience. On the day players will be put into groups based on gender and school years, so they are on a level footing.

The tournament is on Saturday 24 March 2018. It will start at 13.00, finish time will depend on the number of entries. Held at Turves Green Boys School, just out side Northfield in South Birmingham.

More details can be found HERE along with an entry form.

Any queries email Stephanie on


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24 February

Junior Badminton starting 24 February.

Does your child have racket co-ordination?
Are they a talented badminton player?
Have they ever played badminton?
Is your child sporty?

Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre is the home of Junior Badminton in Smethwick. Saturday 24 February see the start of the new terms junior badminton sessions at the leisure centre. Sessions are from 1.00-3.00pm on Saturday afternoons, open to all ages up to the age of 16.

Coaching is delivered, to assist the players in improving their shot execution, racket techniques and their movement around the court. Starting with a warm up, shot practices and routines then the sessions finish with games, where the players can hopefully put into practice what they have learnt.

More details regarding the sessions stating on 24 February can be found HERE.

Contact –  or call 07976 814036

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FREE badminton – for eight players or more.

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Winners – Sandwell College

Sandwell College Badminton Team

Sandwell CollegeWednesday 18 October saw Sandwell College badminton win their league match against Birmingham Met away at the Sutton Coldfield Campus. Sahal, Jimil, Oli, Rony for the boys and Veronica, Harpreet, Fadelia and Naheeda for the girls.

On arriving a familiar face appeared and knowing that this BMet player had trained at Warwickshire Junior county, Birmingham cell, I thought this would be a tough match. Sahal played well and fought for every point and with the best of three games to 21, got his ‘monies worth’. It went to three and Sandwell College came out on top. Sahal then took to court with Jimil (who had a ‘chicken leg’ knee) in the mens doubles and again, in three, Sandwell boys came out on top. Oli in the singles, with Rony in the mens doubles norrowly lost his/their games 18s and 19s. Could have quite easily gone our way.

The girls did Sandwell College proud and did not drop a game. Thanks go to Naheeda who for the first time on Tuesday came to the badminton session at college and kindly rocked up for the match the day after. ‘Take no prisoners’ Veronica, Harpreet and Fadelia all played well, leaving the BMet girls shell shocked.

Overall Sandwell College walked away with an 8-2 win.

Well done guys n girls. You did me proud.

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