Blackwell First School

Top marks awarded from Blackwell First School.

Stephanie was appointed a six week session by Bromsgrove and Redditch Council at Blackwell First School to go in and coach badminton. With a maximum of 16 pupils and some very good weather the sessions where conducted outside.

Some pupils attendance varied from one week to the next with a hard core group of attendees. The ability ranged from no co-ordiation in some of the real youngsters but their determination to succeed was clear. Right the way up to great potential in some of the older children, who from their first hit it was obvious that they had a talent for the sport. One thing you can not take away from all of them was their enthusiasm, always made to feel welcome, a real pleasure to coach.

The feel good factor was a non-related teachers’ comment ‘Your the badminton coach. Heard so much about you. The children are really enjoying it. You’re the best coach we have had.’ On a high for days and then you get a testimonial so you can prove it.

Thank you Blackwell First School for your kind words and for awarding ‘top marks’.

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