Introducing Stephanie Cartwright-Randle as ‘Stef the Badminton Coach’.

Stephanie took badminton up many years ago when her parents played in a local church. Through ill health had to stop playing. Stephanie was always a keen sports woman and would participate in any sport.

From a young age her main interests were sailing, netball and badminton. Then squash and returning back to badminton when her friend began playing.

She started playing at a club in Bromsgrove, then joined another club in Kingswinford to help improve her game. Her competitive attitude lead to a change of club in Bromsgrove. She then played competitively in both the Cradley and Worcester Badminton Leagues. For short periods she even played for clubs in both the Birmingham League and the Solihull League.

Whilst playing for the Kingswinford club it (like most clubs) boosted many teams and it also had its low seasons with no new membership applications. This is when a few youngsters from the school started to show interest in playing and when the opportunity to pursue coaching arose. She became a Level 1 coach in 2005 and a Level 2 in 2007.  Stephanie is always looking to improve her skills and currently volunteers to work with more experience coaches to gain more knowledge.

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  1. Col says:

    Hi Stef the Badminton Coach…

    Are Ashton Badminton Club in need of new members, I’ve been playing socially for a while and after having to give up football 18 months ago am looking to improve my Badminton game.

    Kingswinford School is the closest location I can find for a badminton club to my home, other than Hampstead Manor in the South Staffs league who play on a Friday which isn’t really viable for me.

    Please let me know if you are looking for players, I am well versed in doubles but not so good at mixed since I have never really played it that style. Happy to play singles also.

    I may also be able to talk a few decent players into coming if the club is accepting.


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